Workshop: Ensuring Security on your Mac, iPad and iPhone

15th & 18th February

 Macs-4-U will host a workshop on one of the least well understood aspects of modern life, security and protection. By taking a realistic look at the threats we face, a handful of simple strategies can be used to give piece of mind, and protection against the most common threats.

We will begin with a short presentation, then open the floor to questions to address specific situations and concerns such as remaining secure when using the internet, choosing strong passwords, or knowing what to do if you think you are hacked.


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Workshop: Getting the Most out of your “Photos” App

15th & 18th March 2017

About 25% of our in-store inquiries are about Photos problems, from lost photo libraries to “how to attach or edit a photo.” This workshop was one of our most popular sessions last year and we’ve expanded it slightly to cover some of the new features of Photos in MacOS.


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Workshop: The Cloud and iCloud - How to use them safely.

19th & 22nd April 2017

We can't take you to Maui for Cloud Surfing, but we will try to make the "Cloud" and "iCloud" a bit more enjoyable to use. There will be a 30 minute presentation followed by a 30 minute question and answer period.

Below are some of the topics to be covered:

  • Security in the Cloud
  • Setting up iCloud or other cloud-based email accounts
  • Sharing and syncing photos using iCloud
  • Setting up and using "Find my Phone/iPad/MacBook"
  • Making use of Calendar & Contact Syncing with iCloud.


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Introducing iOS 10

Macs-4-U will host a workshop introducing iOS 10 to local Mac enthusiasts.

iOS 10 is the biggest release from Apple yet, with powerful upgrades to your most-used features—Messages, Maps, Siri, Photos, and more. The free iOS 10 Software Update is available from Apple. Learn more at

There will be two sessions available

  • 9 - 10 AM on Wednesday the 28th of September
  • 9 - 10 AM on Saturday the 1st of October

To book a seat at either of the available times, please use the Eventbrite link.