Is your Apple no longer fresh?

The nature of all machines (even the best ones) is that they will eventually need a little tune up to keep them performing at their best. We can take care of most of your technology woes in our store.

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The problems we fix regularly are listed below. Do any sound familiar to you?

Running slow?

Things taking a while to open? Interrupted by the rainbow wheel all the time? Let us nail down the cause of the problem for you. This is one of the most common problems with any computer technology and there are a large number reasons why your Mac could be running slower than usual.

Much of the time this is due to either a lack of storage space or a tired storage drive. We can replace the storage drive in most Apple laptops and desktops. As part of the repair we also install a fresh copy of the operating system and migrate the data* from the original storage drive into the replacement. Normally we can have the machine back in your hands within two working days.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee the preservation of any data on machines left in our care. Please see our full Terms and Conditions for more details.

Ads showing up all over your mac?

Most issues with pop-ups and ads on Macs are caused by Adware. Adware is maliciously installed software that seeks to interrupt your internet browsing by inserting ads, with popups and mouse-overs and new windows. While it may seem innocuous enough, it has been associated with major security breaches.

We have a standard procedure for removal of Adware that generally takes half an hour. We also install a free removal tool on your machine to help you respond should it occur again. Sometimes the strain of the infection is rarer and requires manual removal which may take our technicians more time.

While rare, it is not unheard of for Macs to become infected with a proper malicious virus. If our technician suspect this to be the case they will advise a complete anti-viral sweep of your machine, which can take some time as it examines every file in your system. They will also discuss ongoing protections against viruses and help minimise the risk of future infections.

Broken screens?

Cracks or bends in the Display Module on a laptop or desktop can be obvious, or can also present as black or dark grey 'bleeding' across an otherwise normal picture.

We can replace the display on most Apple laptops and desktops. To provide the best value to you, we try to use good quality pre-owned displays wherever possible. To ensure adequate testing any replacement display we generally return the machine by the next working day.

Not sure what's wrong?

Intermittent or rare issues are sometimes difficult to diagnose. If we’re not immediately confident in a diagnosis, we will ask to look into it in greater detail.

Our technicians are trained to replicate and isolate issues, to test and evaluate all possible causes and to provide a detailed report on our findings.